Senator Cornyn is Proud to Accept the Endorsement of Former RPT Chairman George Strake

To paraphrase a great Texan Eddie Chiles, “the job of the federal government is to defend our shores, deliver the mail, help those who truly can’t help themselves, and get the hell out of the way.” In my book, they’re zero-for-four.George Strake

I’m a Texas Republican, as conservative as they come. In the last election, I was an early supporter of Ted Cruz and I’m proud of the impact he’s made in the United States Senate.

My strong belief is that he and Senator John Cornyn make the best conservative team of any Senate delegation in America.

And that’s a belief echoed by many, many others.

Senator Cornyn and I see eye-to-eye on the issues that matter most to Texans. He’s convinced that the way Washington Democrats spend, tax, regulate, borrow and micromanage our economy is a ticket to disaster.

Americans for Tax Reform, a group dedicated to fighting big spending, has studied Senator Cornyn’s record and given him a perfect 100% score on their issues.

Like me, John is a gun owner and an enthusiastic outdoorsman. Is it any surprise he’s fighting to defend our right to keep and bear arms? The National Rifle Association gives him an “A” grade on their report card.

And like me, John Cornyn is a father who knows how precious life is. He holds a “perfect” 100% score from National Right to Life and has been endorsed by the largest pro-life organization in Texas.

Yes, Senator John Cornyn votes the right way for conservatives, but that’s not all. John also favors Congress living under the same laws and rules as they impose on We the People.

By word and by deed, John Cornyn represents Texas. Thank heaven he stands like a granite mountain in support of our conservative principles.

Under President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Reid, America is off track. I’m terrified that we’re losing our personal liberties and free enterprise system, and those are the things that make America great.

John Cornyn is my friend and I have the utmost respect for him. He’s earned my enthusiastic support, and when you’ve got a Senator as good as John, you can’t take anything for granted.

From Day One he’s been standing tall for Texans and now it’s our time to stand up for him.

George Strake
Former Chairman, Republican Party of Texas

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