Dec 2, 2019      Press Release      

BETO WATCH: DAY ONE Beto’s Green New Deal Support

The clock is winding down ahead of the December 9th filing deadline, and Beto is, without a doubt, weighing his options. With just one week to go, the national Democrats are pulling out all the stops to get Beto in the race…

As he inches closer to a decision, we’re marking each day by highlighting some of the most dangerous policies Beto supports. Today’s topic: the Green New Deal.

Texas’ economy is built on energy jobs. So why is Beto standing with radicals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to kill Texas jobs and tax Americans at rates up to 70%?

The Green New Deal has been estimated to cost up to $93 trillion over the next ten years –more than 90 percent of the combined wealth of all American households – and Beto is all too willing to fall in line with far-left radicals to support it.

Texans need their conservative values protected and their taxes cut… not Beto and his far-left agenda.

Chip in to join us as we endeavor to STOP BETO before he makes his announcement.