Coronavirus Update: Suspending Campaign Activities

Coronavirus is dominating news cycles, conference calls and kitchen table-conversations, leaving many feeling uncertain and anxious. As our nation responds to this unprecedented international crisis, people – not politics – must be our top focus. Unity makes us stronger.

With this in mind, I am hereby suspending all campaign-related activities, including fundraising, volunteer efforts and special events.

When America overcomes this crisis – and we will overcome it – we will resume our campaign and be prepared to talk about the ideas and values we hope will earn Texans’ votes.

In the meantime, I’ll be working hard as your U.S. senator, ensuring our doctors and hospitals; communities, businesses and non-profit organizations; and individuals and families have the resources they need to combat Coronavirus.

My federal offices have implemented a staffing plan that involves a reduced footprint and telecommuting while ensuring we will be able to serve Texans in this time of need.

I know these are worrisome times. Yet there are already incredible stories of neighbors taking care of neighbors, and businesses going above-and-above to help others. Texans are being responsible and making plans for their families and businesses.

Let us all do our part to be prepared, prevent panic, and help steady ourselves, our communities and neighbors. We’re in this together.

Thank you for your continued support. God Bless you… and God Bless the great State of Texas.

-John Cornyn