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Rick Perry – Governor of Texas

[Senator Cornyn] is steady, he is reliable, he is the epitome of what I would look for as a United States senator. I am asking every Texan to send John Cornyn back to Washington where he can continue to fight the Obama administration’s endless assault of government intrusion, incompetence and ineptitude.

Phil Gramm – Former U.S. Senator

If you want your children and grandchildren to live in the same America you grew up in, please join me in voting for John Cornyn for the U.S. Senate.

Dick Armey – Former House Majority Leader

I am proud to support Senator John Cornyn for re-election. He’s a good man and a Texas conservative who will continue to fight big government in Washington every day. I am especially excited about his fight for a strong Balanced Budget Amendment, which would get finally federal spending under control.

Robin Armstrong – Republican National Committeeman

Senator Cornyn is working hard to beat Battleground Texas at their own game. His campaign is already on the ground walking neighborhoods alongside volunteers from the Republican Party of Texas to recruit, train, and organize an army of activists fired up to Keep Texas Red.

George W. Strake, Jr. – Former Chairman, Republican Party of Texas

By word and by deed, John Cornyn represents Texas. Thank heaven he stands like a granite mountain in support of our conservative principles. John Cornyn is my friend and I have the utmost respect for him. He’s earned my enthusiastic support, and when you’ve got a Senator as good as John, you can’t take anything for granted.

James Ho – Former Solicitor General of Texas

Sen. John Cornyn is not just a conservative fighter but an effective one, who regularly identifies and combats threats before they ripen…. Sen. Cornyn has fought for Texas conservatives throughout his career. He deserves our support on March 4.

Carolyn Hodges* – Immediate Past President, Texas Federation of Republican Women

Senator Cornyn is a man who truly cares about Texas and seeks to promote what is best for our great state.

Kim Chambers* – Vice President-Elect Membership, Texas Federation of Republican Women

Senator John Cornyn has been a consistent, thoughtful and steady voice for all Texans. As a State Supreme Court Justice, Attorney General and US Senator he has fought for the values that Texans hold dear – smaller government, lower taxes and fair regulations. He is a proven leader, an avid listener, and a vigorous defender of conservative values.

State Representative Jodie Laubenberg

I am supporting Senator Cornyn. He is a good man, I know exactly what he is going to do in DC and I am proud to have him as one of my Senators.

Steven F. Hotze, M.D. – President, Conservative Republicans of Texas

In 2014 and beyond, we have a chance as conservatives to turn the tables by using the power of the courts to curb federal overreach and protect our liberties by stopping ObamaCare. I couldn’t do this without Senator Cornyn.

Bill Hammond – Texas Association of Business President and CEO

Sen. Cornyn has a strong record of supporting Texas business. I can’t think of another elected official who has done more to strengthen Texas businesses at the federal level than Sen. Cornyn.  We must keep his leadership in Washington, D.C.

Pastor Max Lucado

I hold Sen. Cornyn in the highest regard. He listens well, thinks clearly, and genuinely seeks what is best for his constituents.



National Rifle Association

On behalf of the NRA’s five million members, I want to thank John for his steadfast support of the Second Amendment and urge all NRA members, gun owners and sportsmen in Texas to vote John Cornyn for U.S. Senate on November 4.

National Right to Life PAC

NRLC believes that all voters who are concerned with the right to life and with the protection of the most vulnerable members of the human family should vote to return you to the U.S. Senate, so that you can continue to work to advance vital pro-life public policies.

Texas Right to Life PAC

Senator John Cornyn has been a champion of the sanctity of innocent human life since he began his public service over a decade ago; he has actively held true to his Pro-Life views in the U.S. Senate. Senator Cornyn has achieved a strong record of protecting the unborn and those whose lives are seen valueless due to illness or disability. Texas Right to Life PAC is proud to again endorse Senator Cornyn in his reelection bid.

Texas Alliance for Life PAC

For more than a decade, Senator Cornyn has effectively defended and promoted pro-life values and policies in our nation’s capital. Without any doubt Cornyn is a strong, pro-life public servant worthy of re-election.

Texas DPS Officers Association PAC

Senator Cornyn has a strong record of supporting public safety employees, law enforcement, and the state’s commissioned peace officers, and we want to add our voice in recognition of his efforts to champion these good causes.

Texas Farm Bureau

We appreciate Senator Cornyn’s leadership in the U.S. Senate. His experience and seniority will become even more important as we face serious issues in the future. AGFUND is pleased to stand with Senator John Cornyn in his bid for re-election.

Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association PAC

Senator Cornyn has been a good ally for Texas ranchers and landowners in Washington. He’s worked hard to protect private property rights and the free market system. He’s a strong leader who will continue do what’s right for the country, for our state and for the ranching community. TSCRA PAC is proud to support him.

Texas Wildlife Association

Senator John Cornyn has a keen understanding and appreciation of property rights, private land stewardship, and the public values of wildlife on private land… The Texas Wildlife Association is honored to support Senator John Cornyn in his re-election to the U.S. Senate.

United Republicans of Harris County

United Republicans of Harris County represents the economic conservative Republicans of this community and advocates the traditional Republican philosophies of Fiscal Conservatism, Strong National Defense, Lower Taxes, Safer Communities, Better Education, Less Government Intervention, Individual Freedoms With Responsibility, and Accountability by Our Elected Officials.

Dallas Safari Club-PAC

The Dallas Safari Club has been proud to support U. S. Senator John Cornyn through our political action committee because he has always supported our missions of sustainable use conservation, protecting our proud outdoor heritage of hunting and fishing and our right to keep and bear arms. He is a Life Member, a fellow hunter and has carried our key legislation in the Senate time and again. He walks the walk while others just talk.

US Chamber of Commerce

Senator Cornyn is a conservative champion for the American free enterprise system. He has a proven record on issues important to the business community and has received a 90 percent lifetime voting record with the U.S. Chamber. The Chamber is proud to stand with him.

Texas Association of Manufacturers

Senator Cornyn has been tireless in his efforts to advance a strong manufacturing climate in Texas and he’s the right choice for Texas.

BIPAC-Action Fund: Business-Industry Political Action Committee

Cornyn has been a consistent business champion and is being uniformly supported by the business community in Texas and around the country.



San Antonio Express-News

Most people are long tired of congressional dysfunction. Cornyn, who holds the No. 2 position in the Senate, is in a perfect position to lead the way out of the morass.

The Dallas Morning News

Republican Sen. John Cornyn provides the kind of balanced leadership Texas needs in Washington… This newspaper unhesitatingly recommends him for re-election.

The Houston Chronicle

Polls show Republicans on the verge of taking the Senate, and Cornyn’s seniority stands to help promote Texas’ interests in our nation’s capital.

Austin American-Statesman

We recommend general election voters support Cornyn for the third term he is seeking.

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

[John] Cornyn has been a conservative and sensible voice in the Senate for Texas and for the nation.

El Paso Times

In the U.S. Senate race, the Times endorses Republican incumbent John Cornyn, who has been a strong voice for Fort Bliss and improving border infrastructure.

The Eagle

The Eagle recommends a vote for John Cornyn for election to a third term in the U.S. Senate.

Longview News-Journal

Cornyn will certainly provide Texas with better representation than Democrat David Alameel would or could.

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Grassroots Leaders


Pastor Rex Johnson

Bandera County GOP Chairman Ed Hodges

Burnet County GOP Chairman Emmet Cole

Cochran County GOP Chairman John Schmidt

Dimmit County GOP Chairman Kathy Alexandravice

Hansford County GOP Chairman Dorothy Cator

Lamar County GOP Chairman John Kruntorad

La Salle County GOP Chairman Lee Peters

Limestone County GOP Chairman Lance Phillips

Morris County GOP Chairman Carabeth Luckey

Palo Pinto County GOP Chairman Barbara Upham

Parker County GOP Chairman Zan Prince

Randall County GOP Chairman John Tyson

Runnels County GOP Chairman Charles Hensley

Willacy County GOP Chairman Bonnie Brown

SD 6 Committeeman Rex Teter

SD 20 Committeewoman Angie Flores

SD 27 Committeeman Frank Morris

Ray R. Barrett, Midkiff

Dan Birdsall, Denton County

Lucien E. Bolduc, San Antonio

Lee Edward Bricker, San Antonio

Rodney Brown, San Antonio

Andres Casias, San Antonio

Wade Choate, Midland

Randy Clemmons, Crosby

Carroll Cook, Austin

Joseph V. Crawford, Leander

Barney Lee Dale, San Antonio

Alma Davis, Tyler

Eula Dougherty, Plano

William Dwyer, Houston

Dick G. Ellis, Fort Worth

Ron English, Bell County

George Fischer, Carrizo Springs

Dean Forbes, Katy

James Gallaher, Bedford

Grace Gann, Stockdale

Ralph Gilbert, Del Rio

Rachel Griffith, Dallas

Robert Guthrie, San Antonio

Henry Hamman, Houston

Charles W. Hayman, Springtown

Ralph J. High, Austin

Penny Horton, Leakey

Joseph Huffman, Dallas

Mary Ingram, Waco

Steve Jenkins, Palestine

Harry Jones, Houston

Claudell Kercheville, Kerville

Alfred Allen Kopecky, Victoria

Larry Lay, Austin

Male Lipscomb, Corpus Christi

Gretchen London, Katy

David Lowak, Boerne

Kelly J. Maxwell, Bedford

Robert Means, Richmond

Nina Moller, Kerrville

Mohammed Neamah, Houston

Karen Newton, Bexar County

Michael O’Shell, Houston

Martha B. Owen, Houston

Brenda L. Partain, San Antonio

Connor Pfeiffer, Bexar County

Russell Pierce, Murphy

Genora Prewit, Spring Branch

Cecil E. Ray, Plano

Larry Rickert, Conroe

Fred Schall, Houston

Joy Sellers, Pantego

John W. Sherman, Port Aransas

John Skaggs, Amarillo

Thomas M. Smith, Longview

Larry Spears, Amarillo

Dan W. Stansbury, Dallas

John Sublett, Hereford

M. Bandeira Teixeria, Alice

Karen Treadwell, Desoto

Martha J. Vallery, Longview

Joseph Velez, Woodway

Billie Walton, Lufkin

Joan Weiner, Arlington

Raymond W. Wikert, Round Rock

Carolyn Wilson, Dayton

Kyleen Wright, Tarrant County

Donna Abbott

Floyd Abbott

Gary Adams

Wayne Adiego

Ron Agnew

Sergio A. Aguilar

John Alafonso

Mike Aldredge

Eunice Alexander

Harold Allen

Bruce Allen

Barb Anderson

Kyllikki Andersson

Hugo Armendariz

John Asbury

O. Temple Ascue Jr

David Atkinson

Gerri Ayers

Theresa Babowicz

Charlotte Badgett

Mona Bailey

Amy Jo Baker

Randy Baker

Hector Balboa

David Barber

Monty Barber

William J. Barnes

Rev. Steve Barnett

Edward Barragan

Gloria Barrows

Eugene Bartolini

William Basom

Dale Bates

Sheila Bean

Richard Becke

Rodger Beckham

Jerry Beckley

Dorothy Bennett

Raymond Bennett

Michael Berkwit

Charles Bernard

Jean Berry

Janet Betts

John Biehn

Gene Bindhammer

Patricia Birdsall

Sherri Blasingame

Edward Bleicher

Suzanne Blood

Renzo Boatto

Charles Bogden

James Bogers

William Boggs

Jd Bolton

Gladys Booth

Gary & Susan Boswell

Carol Bouldin

Andrea Bouressa

Billye Bowman

JJ Bowman

Larry Boyd

Robert Braack

Lewis Branan

Genevieve Brandesky-White

Ronald Brandon

Jack Branson

Michelle Brantley

John Brau

Billie Breeden

Sarah Bridges

Kathy Bridges

Mary Brock

Joyce Brogan

Ralph Brotherton

Irving J. “Sonny” Brown

Paul Brown

Walter P. Brown

Mary Van Brown

Jeff Browne

Robert Browning

Charles Bruce

Carl Bruning Sr.

David G. Brunner

Marie Bryant

Virgie Bryant

Mercer Buchanan

Howard Bucy

James Budge

Cesar Buentello

Bob Buffington

Ray Burke

Leslie Burks

Doyle Burnaman

Aldn Burnett

Daniel Burns

Joseph Burns Sr.

Jan Burrow

Irene Bursey

Edward Burton

Henry Buscher

Deborah Bussey

Colin Cahoon

Barbara Caira

Phyllis Calkins

Francis Calkins

Chris Callaway

James Calliham

Charmaine Camplin

Lloyd Cannon

Lale Capps

James Cardone

Florence Carlisle

Charles Carpenter

Robert Carrothers

Cynthia Carter

Dilford Campbell Carter

Joseph D. Carter

Hon. Bill G. Carter

Lipastor Lind Case

Regina Cathcart

Ron Causey

Christine Caymon

Michael Cermele

John Cervone

Larry Chase

Gilbert Chavarria

Steve Chayka

Karen Choate

Ronald Clark

Sharon Clark

John Clark

Barbara Clary

Wilson Cloud

Gene Clowe

Bill Cloyd

Howard Lane Coffey Jr.

Elliott Cohen

Michael Colley

Johnny Collins

Bill Colwell

Ray Combest

Stevan Cordas

Valerie Corona

Ray Cotnoir

David Countryman

Ellen Cox

Wesley Cox

Ritchie Cravens

Doris Cribbs

Ron Crocker

Lee Cromwell

Larry Crouch

Suzanne Crow

Jack Crunican

Janmarie Dahl

Steve Daily

Sharon Dale

Don Dalton

Jane Dance

Joseph Daniel

Scott Darnell

John Davenport

Theodore Davi, Ph.D.

James Davis

Michael Dawson

Bruce Day

James Dean

Lloyd Dean

Dirk Dearmond

Don Degabrielle

David Delariva

Charles Derian

Michael A. Devoid Sr.

Kenneth Dill

Chris Dominguez

James Dooley

Nick Dordea

Jack Downing

Francis Downs

Diane Doyle

Sherry Driver

Harry Dubetz

Tim Duckworth

Ada Dueitt

Corrie Duffy

Loti Duke

Larry Duke

Jim Duncan

Ed Duncan

Ray Dunlap

Donna Dunn

John Dupont

Larry Durham

Peggy Durrwachter

Robert Dyer

James East

Roger Easter

Michael Eaton

Allen Ebersole

Josh Epoch

Fred Edmondson

Eric Edmunds

Howard Eilers

Karen Eilers

John Eisermann

Neva Elliott

Mark Elliott

James Ellis

Ronald English

Lee Enright, M.D.

Roger Erwin

Sid Esker

Mona Estie

Eddie Ethridge

Eva Euler

Ray Evory

Jared Eyster

Coy Fancher

Nathan Farmer

Jesse Farmer

William Farrar

Paul Farrar

Candice Faure-Anderson

Steve Fenter

Sylvia Fiala

Ruth Fields

Kevin Finical

Edrina Fitting

William Scott Fitts

Ronald Fledderman

Barbara Foreman

David Forster

Joann Fowler

Paul Fox

Rozan Franklin

Shawn Froning

Christian Fuehrmann

Gerald Gabbert

Peter Gallaher

Patricia Galle

Rich Garcia

Franklyn Gardiner

Lauro Garza

Rodica Gazii

Daniel Gellenbeck

Elton George

Michael Getz

John P. Gibson

Ronald Gieger

Billy Gilmer

Michael Girouard

Dianna Gittelman

Paxson Glenn

Harold Godwin

Robert Gogal

Lin Gold

Joyce Gonsoulin

Terrance Graves

Malouf Abraham

Vicki Acheson

Bobby Adain

Terrie Adams

Mary Adams

Neal Adams

Sonja Adams

James Adams

Cathy Adams

Florica Adascalitei

Jerry Adcock

Andrew Aguirre

Kemp Akeman

Paul Akeyson

Michael Alejandro

Anna Marie Alejos

Lonneida Alexander

Lee Alexander

Tom Alexander

Jean White Alexander

Elena Alexander

Jesus Allas

Cloy Allen

Linda Allen

Helen Allen

Charlotte Allison

Gilbert Anderson

Gordon Anderson

Debbie Anderson

Lonnie Anderson

Donald Andrews

William Arend Jr.

Dan Arias

Shelly Arledge

BJ Arney

Charles Arrington

Willard Ashby

Rowena Asher

Karen Ashworth

Benna Askew

William Aston

Janet Atherton

Jolene Ayers

Edwin Banner III

Felipa Baca

Apolonio Baca

Wilma Bach

Cissy Baietto

Edward Baietto

Brad Bailey

Ann Bailey

Dr. Joe Bailey

David Baker

Kenneth Bales

James Ballard

Keith Bambei

Robert Banish

Martin Banks

Truman Banton

Melodee Barela

Don Barnes

Jim Barnhill

Jorge Barroso

Robert E. Barrows

Rebecca Barry

Ken Bartushock

Jeanine Basciano

Dale Bates

Teena Bates

Charles Bauder

Carolyn C. Baugh

Gayla Baxter

Jerry Baxter

Michael L. Beard

Bob Beard

Carrie Beard

Richard Beasley

Philip Becker

Everett Bedsaul

Jack Bell

David Bell

Gregory Benge

Gary Bennett

Bill Bennett

Betty Berger

Heather Bergin

Peter Berkowitz

Geneva Berry

Daniel Bertram

Bill Bertram

Matthew Besfer

Mark Bibb

Kathryn Biggers

Robert Bilbrey

Craig Billingsley

Uwe Bimberg

Stephen Blackwell

Linda Blankenship

Carrie Blaschke

Melissa Blaser

Buck Blevins

Donald Blum

Jean Blum

Jerry Blum

Billy Bobbitt

Elba Bond

Connie Bonnette

Laurel Boren

Noe Borrego

Diane Bosillo

Dennis Botkin

Celeste Bouffiou

William Bowling

Jerry Bowman

Ed Bradford

David Bradley

John Brafford

Sandra Bramer

Dorothy Brasher

Billy Bray

James Brehm

O. Philip Breland

Mitch Bretzke

Amy Bridges

Lawrence Brige

Ellen Briggs

Chas Briney

Eddie Brinkman

William Brooks

Don Broom

Suzanne Brown

Rick Brown

Craig Brown

Cheryl Brown

Diane Brown

Carolyn Brown

Leon Brown

Fred Brown

Mary Brown

Duncan Brown

Phil Bruce

Bill Brumfield

Bruce Bryant

James Bryant

Stacie Bueno

Bill Buhl

Edith Burgess

Nancy Burgess

Richard Burghduff

James Burgin

Peggy Burk

Roger Burke

Joanna Burke

Ken Burke

Dale Burke

Judith Burns

Bill Burt

John Bush

Stanley Bush

Sherry Bush

Arthur Butchbaker

James Butler

Michael Butler

David Butler

Charles R. Bylsma

Al Caceres

Kathleen Cain

Karen Cain

Donna Cain

Mary Calcote

Darold Calk

Bill Calvert

Mike Calvert

Max Cameron

D.B. Campbell

Elma Rosa Campbell

Gene Campbell

David Campbell

Sergio Canales Sr.

Luis Cano

Richard Cantin

Tanya Cantrell

Judith Caporaletti

Lucy Carbone

Ken Carden

David Cardona

Jeff Cardwell

Frederick Carlisle

Donald Carlton

Betsy Carpenter

Edgar Carpenter

Claude Carpenter

James Carpenter

David Carroll

Hon. Bill G. Carter

Anna Casanova

Efrem Casarez

James J. Cashin

Marthese Cassar

Kristy Castro

Michael Cates

Jimmy Cates

Phillip Cathey

Judy Caughlin

James Ceal

Edward Cencora

Cynthia Cervantes

Michael Chamberlain

Peter Chamberlain

Paul Chambers

Floyd B. Chambers

Carl Chaney
Wendy Chasteen

Janet Chave

Debra Cherry

Gail Cheshier

Delores Chesney

Gary Choate

Ken Chrisman

Ronald Christiansen

Pamela Christy

George Chronis

Robert Church

Janice Claburn

Kirk Clark

Allen Clark

Justin Clark

Jim Cleere

David Clemons

Vickie Cloud

Rusty Cluck

Paul Cochran

Jack Cochrun

Brenda Coffee

Chet Cogar

Jory Cohen

Gordon Cohen

Catherine Collins

Trudy Collins

Philbrook Collins

Amon Compton

Shirley Compton

Tom Concert

Taylor Conger

Kent Conine

Eddie L. Conrad

Jill Coody

Edward Cook

Cherly Cooper

Shirley Cooper

Robert Cordell

Ken Cordier

Donald Corlett

Edith Corley

Billie Jo Cormier

John M. Corn

Jeanne Cosentino

Daniel Cota

Suzanne Coussons

Mary Cowart

Jeb Cox

Joe Cox

Loretta Craig

Wendell Craig

Paul Crawford

Larry Crawford

Svetlana Crawley

Robert Cress

Carol Cresswell

Rick Creswell

Shane Croker

Amber Crooks

Nathan Cross

Jesse Crowell

Paul Crozier

Yvonne Crumpton

W. Kay Cude

Carolyn Cummings

George Cummings

Barbara Cummings

Annette Cupp

Liz Curiel

Stephanie Curry

Lowell Curtis

Katherine Dalehite

Craig Daniel

Ruth Daniel

Regina Danner

Sherry Dansby
Ben Daughdril

Michele Daugherty

Charles Davenport

Matthew Davenport

Sammy Davenport

Paula Davis

Marilyn Davis

Helen Davis

Michael Davis

Janet Davis

Robert Davis

Anthony Davis

Susan Davis-Duarte

Shawn Davlin

Dennis Dawson

D.W. Day

Gloria De Cardenas

Lloyd De Vinney

James DeBoard

Leonard DeGiglio

Gilberto Del Busto

Real Delavergne

Michael Demas

Tom D. Derryberry, Sr.

Richard Determan

William Dicken

David Dietrich

Michael Dillemuth

Pat Diomede

Terry Dixon

Mike W. Dobbs

Carolyn Doege

John Dominguiez

Ronald Donahoe

Deborah Donnell

James Dorman

Daniel Douglas

Gail Dove
Thomas Downey

Ronald Downing

Wandie Drake

Mike Drennan

Ronnie Duckworth

Tricia Dudley

Madine Dugat

Keith Dunavant

Dennis Duncan

Sherry Duncan

Warren Dunshee

Leigh Duong

Leon Durbin

Gene Durdin

Paul Durfee

Martha Dusek

Joe Dyche

John Dyess, Sr.

Patrick Dymond

Patricia Dziuk

Barbara Ealy

Robert Earl

Tony East

Irene Eastham

Richard Eaton

Laurie Eckman

Thomas Edwards

Jasper Edwards

Bernhard Eggel

Ahmed Elkhwad

Gaey Elkins

Sidney Ellebracht

Jim Elliff

Carol Elliott

Tony Elliott

Otis Ellis

Jim Ellison

Nancy Elmore

Joel Elrod

James Embry

June Enderby

Tomilee Engle

Richard English

Warren Erben

Rev. Patrick Erickson

Sylvia Ernst

Richard Erwin

James Estep

Marcy Estes

Lloyd Estes

Ron Euler

Willard Eversole

Janie Ewanco

Martha Ewell

Henry Eymann

Dorothy Fabriguze

John W. Fainter

Wilmer Fajardo

Charles Fanzlaw

Alan Farrell

Mario Farrell, Jr.

Michael Farris

George Fasching

Joey Fasullo

Randal Faulk

David Faulkinberry

Dale Favos

Faye Fazekas

Sarah Felter

Bill Ferguson
George Ferguson

Lloyd Ferguson

Patricia Ferguson

Bob Ferguson

Stephen Ferney

David Fiedler

Ed Finn

Iris Diana Fisch

Charles Fischer

Bennie Fisher

Priscilla Fisher

James Fitton

Thomas Fitzgerald

Christopher Flores

Denise Flores

Norma Floyd

Toni Foley

Martha Fontenot

Russ Ford

David Foster

Leland Fouse

Jane Fouty

Glenna Fowler

Albert Fox

Susan Fox

Fred Francisco

Robert Franzke

Tim Frasier

Rhonda Frasier

Dietra Fuller

Jeff Fuller

Stephanie Fulmer

James Fulton, D.D.S.

John Furr

Leciana Gabor

Jay Gabrelcik

Maurice Gaddis

Pam Gallander

Edward Gamils

Jose Garcia

Felipe Garcia

Aurora Garcia

Gerardo Garcia

Yolanda Garcia

Thomas Garcia

Garfield Garcia

Kenneth Gardner

William Garner

Roberta Garner

June Garner

Tom Garrett

Basil Garrison

Sherri Garza

Beva Gasche

Linda Gaspar-Evans

Jay Gasper

Shirley Gaston

H. Dean Gates

Frankie Gatton

Rodica Gazii

Richard Gentine

June Gentine

Don George
Evelyn George

Dennis Gerow

Alan Gibbs

Joann Gilbert

Lee Gill

Sylvan Gilliland

Michael Glynn

Dennis Goetsell

Richard Goldsborough

Dawn Goldsmith

Tom Mechler – Republican Party of Texas Treasurer

Bee County GOP Chairman Patty Johnson

Calhoun County GOP Chairman Russel Cain

Coleman County GOP Chairman Carlisle “Frosty” Robison

Galveston County GOP Chairman Barbara Meeks

Jeff Davis County GOP Chairman Al Ackley

Lamb County GOP Chairman Charlotte Cain

Oldham County GOP Chairman Bruce Voyles

Pecos County GOP Chairman Delmon Hodges

Reagan County GOP Chairman Cindy Weatherby

Swisher County GOP Chairman Ella Wegscheid

Yoakum County GOP Chairman Kim Davi

SD 14 Committeeman Davida Stike

SD 25 Committeeman George Antuna

SD 27 Committeewoman Norma Tovar

David Beltram, Baytown

Patricia Birdsall

William Bolton, Plano

Timothy Brothers, Roscommon

Alva Callaway, Odessa

Mary E Chandley

Joaquin Cigarroa, Laredo

Jane R. Cobos, Bryan

Donna L. Cook, Houston

Diane Criswell, Tarrant County

Kenneth Dale, Tarrant County

Joe Dempsey, Garland

Joy Dunaway, Irving

Elizabeth Edwards, Houston

Chris W. Emery, Richardson

Marco Eugenio, San Antonio

Arnold Eugene Fleming, Hamilton

Charles Frigerio, San Antonio

J.D. Gallet, Orange

Jan Gares, Waxahachie

J.I. Ginnings, Wichita Falls

N.V. Guleke, Amarillo

Lisa Halili, Bacliff

Joe Hawkins, Longview

Nealie Hays, Henderson

Walter H. Hill, Waco

Cynthia House, Leona

Earl Huse, Clifton

Vikas Jain, Allen

Ernest Johnson, Keller

Betty Jordan, Fritch

Fredrica Kinnard, Lockhart

Leonard Korenek, Irving

Ralph LeBlanc Fred

John Lock, Jr., San Antonio

Elizabeth Loomis, Goliad

Jay J. Madrid, Dallas

Ann L. McFarlan, Houston

A.W. Mears, Houston

Robert R. Montgomery, Dallas

JoAnn Nettles, Manchaca

Donna Olson, Austin

John Ott, Rockwall

Rachel Owens, Bastrop

Carlos Perez, Center Point

Diana C. Phillips, Austin

Gary Poindexter, Porter

Corbin Priefert, Tyler

Glenda Reeder, San Antonio

Elmo L. Robinson, Montgomery

Mary Schutz, Georgetown

Carl Glenn Shaffer, Plano

Luis Silva, Lubbock

Richard Clay Slack, Austin

Lonnie Smith, Jacksonville

Jack Staley, Wichita Falls

Sophia Stenis, Houston

Lilie Sullivan, El Paso

Morgan Tippit, Sugar Land

Leonard Truskowski, Plano

Susanna Van Zandt, Houston

Robert Carr Vincent, Amarillo

Dottie Walton, Katy

James P. Westbrook, Dallas

Thomas Williams, McKinney

Leo Wisniewski, Leander

Clarence Zoch, San Antonio

Buck Gray

Madeline Green

Nicholas Gregoris

Kenneth Griffin

Michael Grizzaffi

Ralph Grounds

Deborah Guerriero

Dennis And Sandy Guest

Gary Guinan

Charles Gwaltney

Paul Haba

Cynthia Hagenmayer

William Hall

Milton Halls

Butch Haltom

Paul Hamel

Cheri Hamilton

Elizabeth Hammer

James Hamner

Michael Hanlon

Oscar Harris

Allen Harrison

Michael Hartman

Diane Hassell

Gerry Haverland

Carol Hawkinson

Laura Hayes

Jim Hayne

Louanne Haynes

Scott Heath

Harpld Hebert

Richard Heerdt

L. Heiniger

Donna Hendrick

Coco Henry

Helen Henwood

Josef Hernandez

Mike Hester

David Hicks

Kevin Hickson

John Hierholzer

Lisbeth Hines

Denise Hitt

Donald Holder

Charles Holloman (USAF Ret.)

George Homolka

Dr.Wilmer G.M. Honaker

Nan Margraves Hoover

Billy Horak

David Horton

Joellen Howle

Paul Huang

Richard Hubeny

Howard Hudeck

William Huggins

Janie Huggins

Charlotte Immenschuh

Jean Ingle

James Irvin

Leanne Ivey

David Jackson

Barbara Jacobson

Adolph Jacobson

Matthew Jahnke

Lloyd Jahnke

Sharon James

Jean And Agnes Jarrett

Daniel Jarvis

Jim Jeffries

Rod Jensen

Meg Jimenez

Norma Jimenez

Lee Ann Johnson

Patricia Jones

Jack Jones

Ray Jones

Michael Jones

Milla Perry Jones

Don Jones

Roberta Jones

Angus Joseph

Lorraine Joyce

Gary Jozens

Ken Karnes

Kim Karnes

Barbara Keetch

Alex Keledjian

Debbie Keller

Sheila Kelly

Morrison Kelly

Brittany Kelm

Vanray Kenneaster

Brent Kennedy

Billy Kessel

Rosemarie Khalil

Sharon King

Bill King

Erin King

Wally Kinney

Gary Kirby

John Kirkpatrick

Ben Kirkpatrick

Bill Kitzman

Dr. Francisca Knack

Chuck Kovan

Cyndi Taylor Krier

Gail Kunkel

Sister Carlotta La Rocca

Randy Lagrone

William Laird Jr.

William Lambert

Robbie Lange

Fred Lanier

Elizabeth Larsen

Charles Lavallee

David Lawhorne

Bill Lawrence

Lavelle Layfield

Charles Layton

Larry Leahy

Carole Leandra

Sharon Lee

Lester David Lee Ii

Luke Legate

Carey Legett

Frank Lengele Jr.

Preston Lester

Lynn Leverett

Charles Lewis

Russell Liebold

Maria Linde

Jim Little

Patrick Livingston

Debbie Longanecker

Barbara Loos

Joanne Lorillard, Rn, Bsn, Mba, Cohn-S

Alan Lott

Lewis Lowe

Cathryn Luhrman

Kit Lundin

David Lyday

Sandra Lynn

Donald A. Lyons,Sr.

Tom Madsen

Dorothy Mahaffay

Joseph Maiella

Susie Mamola

James Mannor

Dolores Marin

Brian Marks

Carolyn Martin

Gary C. Martin

Gilbert Martinez

Jose Martinez

Jackie Martinez

Eugene Martinusen

Mary Mason

David Massey

Wanda Mattes

Ken Matticks

Jane Maurer

Darrell Maxwell

Bill Maxwell

Patricia May

Aleece Mcbay

Judy Mccully

Roland McDonald

Richard McDowell

Martha McDuffie

Kathleen McGill

Bleakney McInnis

Fred McIntyre

Gregory McLaughlin

Kelly McLeod

Kelly McLeod

Patricia McMinimy

Todd McMullin

Noel McStay

Barney Meaders

Mary Meier

Ron Meinke

Deany Meinke

Charles Mekailek

Verna Melton

Robert Menzel

Diana A. Mercado

Janis Mergele

Mary Mertz

Sean Metzer

Terry Meyer

Fred Meyer

Constance Michael

Kevin Midkiff

Phoebe And Larry Miles

Max Miles

Jack Miller

Larry Miranda

Mark Mirdo

James Mock

Steven Monroe

Joyce Montes

Billy Montgomery

Otha Moon

Paul Moon

David E. Moore

Pam Moore

Bill Moore

Ismael Moran

Ismael Moran

Charles Morgan

Earl Morgan

Carl Morris

Martin Morua

Michael Moss

Sherry Mowery

John Murdock

Bobby Myers

Billy Myrick

Soreta Myrick

Cecil Neff

Rea Nelson

Janis Netterville

Phillip Nevlud

Jim Newman

Linda Newton

Tammy Nino

James Nitschke

Thomas Nolen

Jason Norman

Bernice Norris

Lee Nunnallee

Barbara O’Sullivan

Rosemary “Tish” Oatman

Glen Odom

Ralph Odum

Rod Oestreich

John Ondrasek

Jan Ott

Phillip Owens

Jaleta Owens

Susan Owens

Linda Ozanne

Earnest G. Pack

John Paddock

Carey Page

Farzin Paknia

Raul Palacios

Miguel Palafox

William Palin

Bien Pammit

Irma Parke

Michael Parmet

Karen Parrack

Jay And Jan Patterson

Derrell Patterson

CL Patteson

Barbara Patton

Bob Pease

Jim Peery

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Pelle

Patricia Perez

Pete Perez

Julita Perez

LaWanda Goller

Annie Gomez

Roger Gomez

David Gonzalez

Rudy Gonzalez

Connie Goodwin

Charles Gordon

Ron Gordon

Leslie Gough

Dale Graham

Gary Graham

Joe Grant

James Grant

Joel Grantham

Paul Gratton

Richard Graves

Bill Graves

Helen Graves

Donald Grayson

Shelly Green

Paul Green

Keith Greenwood

Frances Grice

Michelle Griffin

George Griffith

John Grimes

Alise Grimm

Ray Griswold

Angela Gross

Albert Grounds

Bruce Grunden

Dan Grundhoefer

Laurence Guice

Rebecca Gullixson

Robert Gump

Dellphine H.

William Haberl

Jamesy Hacker

Dianne Haddock

Jan Haden

Larry Hagood

Alice Hale

Carol Hale

Ronald Halk

Bill Hall

Ronald Hall

Carol Hallmark

Bill Hamby

Bob Hamm

Marjorie Hampton

Pat Hand

Rich Hanley

Tommy Hanson

Mike Harbin

Kenneth Harbour

Don Harbuck

Matthew Hardesty

Kay Harig

Cindy Harmon

Bart Harris

T. Wayne Harris

Sarah Harrison

Betty Harrison

Steven Hart

Kurt Hartzog

Charles Harvey

Elnora Harvey

George Hatt

james hatter

Norman Haugen

Carol Hawkins

Thomas Hawks

Deborah Hayes

Norris F. Hayes

Cornelius Hayes

Sue Ann Hayley

Mary Haynes

Helen Healy

Walter Hearnsberger

Nelda Hearnsberger

Kenneth Hearrean

Maureen Heath

William Heffron

Bjoern Hehmann

Greg Heiskell

Eldon Heller

Carter Helm

Leonard Helzer

Rose Hembree

Cathy Hendricks

David Hengst

Paul Henicke

Roy D. Henry

Roger Hergenrader

Howard Herm

Bethany Herman

Carolyn Hernandez

Franklin HerrNeckar

Kenneth Herzig

Marietta Hetmaniak

Lewis Hickey

Earl Hieber

Danny Hill

George Hill

William Hill

Hobart Hill

Kenneth Hillsten

Martha Hinds

Bettie Hines

Fran Hirsch

Melvin Hixson


Paul Hodge

Patrick Hodges

Ed Hodges

Dorothy Hoffman

Carol Hoffman

Carole Hoffmann

Pam Hoke

Karin Holdampf

Sammye Holden

Bob Holder

Jo Holland

Herb Holland

Joe Holley

BJ Holliman

Wayne Holmes

Mary Claire Holmes

Larry Joe Holt

Michael Hom

Gayle Hood

Robert Hootkins

Paul Hopkins

Larry Hopkins

Jo Anne Horn

Elizabeth Horne

Nick Hoskot

Earnest Houston

Nancy Hovenden

Donald Howard

Ronald Howard

LV Howell

Billy Howell

Juanita Howland

Joe C. Howze, Jr.

Tim Hoy

Sherry Hubbard

Kathryn Huckeba

Denise Hudson

Stan Huff

Keith Huff

Dean Hufstedler

Robert Hummel

Dru Hunsaker

Ronald D. Hunter

Theresa Hunton

James Hurt

Mary Hutchings

Virginia Hwang

Manuel Ibarra

Maria Ingram

Neva Irwin

Allan Irwin

David Jackson

David L. Jackson

Kristena Jackson

Thomas Jackson

Tommie Jackson

Kristena Jackson

Clifford Jacoby

Jeff Jacquin

Tanya James

Jo Ann James

Douglas James

Nancy Jankowski

Stanley Janoski

Leo Jares

Jo Ann Jares

Becky Jenkins

Brenda Jobe

Venita Johnson

Lou Ann Johnson

Paul Johnson

Stacey Johnson

Wilbur Johnston

Sally Johnston

Cheryl Johnston

Verna Jolley

JW Jolly, III

Randy Jones

Christina Jones

Dick Jones

Father Jack Monte Jones

Mitchell Jones

Mollie Jones

Lisa Jones

Eugene Jones

Joseph Jordan

Anthony Jorgenson

Forence Jorgenson

John Jorges

George Joyner, Jr.

Anthony Juarez

Jeff Judson

Bill Jumper

Carla Justus

John Kaczmarek

Aaron Kaliff

Nick Kandaris

James Karam

Gilbert Kassing

Robert Katzenberger

Jeff Kayser

Terence Kearns

Patricia Keefer

Kevin Keenan

Ronny Keister

Jack Kelley

Linda Kellogg

James Kelly

Bernardine Kelly

John Kelly

Wiely Kemp

Kathleen Kender

Tom Kennedy

Alice Kerr

Chuck Kersten

Larry Key

James Kidd

James Kilgore

Elenore Kilickaya

Janice Killia

Philip Kimbley

William King

Craig King

J. Derwin King

Cathryn King

James King, III

James Kinney

Larry Kinser

Dave Kiowski

Clifford Kirby

Kevin Klein

Donna Knight

Joe Knight

Carolyn Kobey

Jeri Kolpack

Danna Kornegay

Stefan J. Kosa

Beverly Kottwitz

Sandra Krocza

Anita Kyle

Carrie Kyle

Randy Lagrone

Teddy Lamar

Lillian Lambert

Mark Lambert

Joyce Lambert

Ronnie Lance

Dub Landgrebe

Carmen Landin

Joy Landry

Lloyd Landry

Margaret Lane

Robbie Lange

Linda Lansford

Lawrence Lanzilli

Margaret Larmay

Joseph Larocca

Stacy LaRosh

Bennett Larson

Bill Larson

Bennie Latch

Felicia Latzko

Dianne Lawson

Jim Laxton

Douglas Layne

Lucille Layne

Benjamin Layog, Jr.

John Layton

Richard Le Pere

Joe Lee

Stephen Lee

Kevith Wayne Lee

Sherry Lee

Cissy Lee

John Lee

Darlene Lee

Virginia Lefevre

Paul Leggett

Douglas Lehmann

Paul Leigh

Curtis LeJeune

John Lenamon

Michelle Lewis

Robert Lewis

Kenneth Licker

Carl Lilly

Len Limmer

Jeanette Linder

Fran Lines

Charles Lines

Carolyn S. Lirette

John Listi

Marilyn Little

Karoline Littlefield

Rodney Lloyd

Ken Locke

Ben Locke

George Loewenbaum

Lawrence Long

Rolla Long, Jr.

Kayla Lopez

Awilda LopezdeVictoria

Cynthia Love

David Lovitt

Janice Lowe

Andy Loyd

Scott Lucado

Yvette Luellman

Peggy Lundy

Herschel Lybarger

Elbert Lyon

Karla Mabry

William Mack

John Macklin

Becky MacMillan

Glenn MacTaggart

David Mahoney

Rudolf F. Maidman

Henry Majoue, Jr.

James Mamone

Vickie Manley

Patricia Mann

Reggie Manning

Doug Marcontell

Linda Marek

Alan Mark

Max Marosko

M.M. Marosko

Gary Marquis

Ronald Marshall

Sandy Marshall

Richard Marshall

Maxine Marstella

Carol Martin

Weldon Martin

Allan Martin

Ruben Martinez

Merle Masters

Roy Mata

Cathy Mathews

Steven Matlock

Mitch Mattson

Debi Mausel

Phyllis Maxwell

William May

Mitzi Mays

Robert McGeorge

Matthew McAtee

Eugene McBryan

Bill McCarthy

Bryan McClune

Pastor Irvin McCorkle

Doug McCullough

Samuel McCutchan

John McDaniel

Rob McDonald

Larry McDonald

Larry McDowell

Thomas McFadden

John McFarlane

John McFarren

Paul McGee

Kay McInnish

Adriana McKendrick

Dolores McKnight

Don Mclaughlin

Judy McLeod

William McLeod

Arthur McMahon

Terry McMasters

Eddie McMillan

Jo Ann McMorrow

Boyd D. McNabb

Ron McNabb

James McNulty

Dale McQuerry

Jean Meador

George Medellin

John Meek

Suzanna Meilahn

Bill Melton

Jerry Metcalf

Linda Metcalf

Robert Michaels

Marsha Michalec

John Mihm

Cory Miles

Fletcher Miller

Bill Miller

Charles Miller

Alfred Miller

Randle Miller

Beverly Miller

Barbara Miller

Pat Miller

William Mills

Terry Milrany

Larry Mitcham

Orion Mitchell

M.P. Mize

Palmer Moe

Ferris Moffett

Victor Mohr

Alta Monroe

Kenneth Montgomery

Andrew Montoya

Christine Moore

Lorie Moore

Wayne Moore

Vicki Moore

Steve Moore

Craig Morena

Kirt Morris

Elaine Morris

Creathie Morris

Donna Morrison

Eliska Morton

Mark Mosher

Sammy Moss

William Moss

Steve Motley

Mark Mudra

Patty P. Mueller

Mark Muller

Rondell Mullins

James Munke Sr.

Mark Murdock

Francis Murray

Bobby Myers

Barath Nagarajan

Ray Nathurst

Donald Naugle

Thomas Neale

Sally Neblett

Ray Neff

Hank Neigel

Robert Nelson

Terry Nelson

Janine Nelson

Otto Nessler

Mike Neuman

Marty New

Jeannie New

Christopher Newkirk

Marilee Newkirk

John Newman

David Newman

Representative Jason Villalba

Bell County GOP Chairman Nancy Boston

Cameron County GOP Chairman Frank Morris

Dallam County GOP Chairman Selene Schumacher

Grayson County GOP Chairman Larry Millson

Jim Hogg County GOP Chairman Tony Salinas

Lampasas County GOP Chairman BR “Skipper” Wallace

Mason County GOP Chairman Robert Owens

Moore County GOP Chairman Randy Sims

Orange County GOP Chairman Zach Johnson

Rains County GOP Chairman Rusty Basham

Rusk County GOP Chairman Charlie Williamson

Throckmorton County GOP Chairman Brad Bellah

SD 4 Committeeman Michael Truncale

SD 17 Committeeman Marvin Clede

SD 25 Committeewoman Linda Kinney

Tim Arnoult, Houston

W.E. Berger, Austin

Morris Blankenship, Hereford

Ben W. Bradford, El Paso

Paul Warren Brown, Dallas

Jonathan Campbell, Richardson

Jerry Chapman, Longview

Barbara Culver Clark, Midland

Margie Cole, Kerville

J.B. Cox, Columbus

Mahmud Dahri, Houston

Sharon Dale, Tarrant County

Oen Dollins, Gatesville

John Dunkin, Boerne

James Ellis, Humble

Steven English, Bell County

SuZanne Feather, Harris County

Ronnie Floyd, San Antonio

Gilbert Gaedcke, Houston

Pauline Gamble, Austin

Ed Garnett, Vernon

Jo Gordon, Deport

Curtis Gunn, San Antonio

Marilyn Hamilton, Goliad

Gaylord Hayes, Graham

Linus Heming, Austin

Paul Hooper, Georgetown

Jerry House, Leona

Lily Hwa, Coppell

Valerie Jacobs, Dallas County

Pamelia Johnson, Teague

Charles Kalteyer, Austin

Brian Kleen, Pflugerville

Gale B. Laning, San Antonio

Bill Lewis, San Antonio

John Lujan III, Bexar County

William Lovell, Longview

Carolyn Marsh, Poth

A.H. McIlwain, Lamesa

Terry L. Miller, Caddo Mills

Willie Morgan, Lumberton

Paul Newton, Moulton

Gary Olson, Granbury

Stephen Overman, New Braunfels

Janet Parnell, Canadian

Gavino Perez, Jr., San Antonio

Jack Phillips, Gladewater

James S. Potyka, San Antonio

Bertha Priour, Kerville

William Richards, Frisco

Mary Samford, Austin

Melbert Schwarz, Houston

Janet Sharp, Georgetown

Jim Simmons, Kendall County

Paul Smith, Burleson

John L. Smolik, Dallas

Kerol Stanberry, Houston

George Sturges, Willis

Richard Taylor, San Antonio

Boulos Toursarkissian, San Antonio

Lawrence A. Turner, Houston

Dorothy Vasquez, Winona

John Vincent, Garland

Melanie Wayne, El Paso

Gordie White, Travis County

B.H. Williams, Houston

Larry Wright, London

Marlyne Perimon

Marion Perley

Latrelle Peterson

Frederick Pfiester

James Phoenix

Gary Pickens

Marcus Pinzel

Thomas Pisel

William Poist

Glenda Poldrack

Terrence Pond

Jean Ponder

Coyote Shadow Pons

Margaret B. Poole

Shelly Pope

Tomi Porterfield

Louis Powers

William Poyner

Sybil Prezioso

Ben Price

John Price

Jody Price

Mildred Golden Pryor

Alicia Purcell

Richard Quatman

Doug Quillen

Kurt Raab Jr

John Rackley

Elizabeth Raczka

Robert Ragborg

Douglas Raine

James Ray

Darrel & Casey Raynor

Larry Reda

Ronald Redd

William Reed

Jesse Reed

Joe Reich

Tom Reinhart

Gilbert Reyes

Forrest Reynolds

Joseph Richardson

Lawrence Richardson

Rick Richey

Scott Rickert

James Ridgway

Len Riley

Olga Rios

Wilburn Ritter

Joe Robbins

Clayton Roberson

David Roberts

Rynie Robertson

Charles G. Robertson

Yves Robin

Margaret Robinson

John Robinson

Twila Rogers

Marvin Rohling

Roger Rolewicz

Gregory Romeu

Marilyn Rowan

John Rozelle

Michael Russell

Lois Russell

Shirley Russell

Mary Ryder

Gerald Saber

Kenneth Safran

Derek Salmon

Donald Sams

Veronica Sanchez

Ranelle Sanders

Dick Sanders

Bonnie Sanders

Larry Sanders

Tommie Sawyer

Mark Saxon

Douglas Schad

Jon Schmidt

Steve Schrader

Gerald Schulze

Gina Schumacher

Dr. Robert Schwartz

Marrion Schweickardt

Karl Schweickardt

Charles Scruggs

Jessica Seale

A.T. Sheehan

Robert J. Sheldon

Kathy Shellenberger

Paul Shemchak

Ellen Shoemake

Larry Sholl

Patricia Shook

Roger Smart

Tricia Smith

Richard Smith

June D. Smith

James Smith

Harley Smith

William Sneed

Patricia Sneider

Trisha Snow

Kerri Sorrells

Peggy Sortino

Juan Soto

Rebecca Soto

Clyde Spain

James Speak Sr.

Lisa Spears

Carl Speed

Rebecca Spencer

Frank Stanch

Bonnie Stanford

Sherri Statler

Brendan Steinhauser

David W. Stephenson

Jean Stevens

Larry Stevenson

Marylee Stewart

Bob Stewart

Elayne Ernst Stewart

Ann Stewart

Beth Stewart

Donna Stewart

Dennis Stockl

James Stokes

T.A. Strader

Gregory Straight

George Strnad

Jan Strom

Roy Strong

Jim Struble

Wayne Sturdevant

Len Swanson

Oren Swearingen

Barbara Swift

Jarrod Tallman

Murray Tarkington

Jacqueline Tashenberg

Robert Taylor

Cecil Taylor

David Taylor

Ann Teague

Robert Telljohn

Ingrid Terry

Jube Dankworth

Edith Thielke

Kathryn Thilman

Jerry Thomas

Mark Thomas

Anita Thomas

Beverley Thomasson

Ray Thompson

Nancy Thompson

Justin Till

Anthony Tirri

Henry Toerck

Raymond Tolbert

Dennis Tomcik

Linda Townzen

Bob Trahan

Floyd Trent

Jesus Trevino

Nancy Tropoli

Mona Trout

Barbara Troutz

Michael Truong

Mavis Tuncap

Joseph Turecky

Allan Tureson

Will Turnage

Carol Turner

Trisha Turner

Harold Tydings

Clem Uhlig

Kenneth Valentine

Amy Van Horn

Frank Varner

James Vaughan

Barbara Vaughan

Frances Vaughn

Emily Vaughn

Hugh Veale

Olga Velez

Elizabeth Victory

John Vincent

Annette Vineyard

Lutetia Vollintine

Terra Wade

James Wadleigh

Patricia Waghorne

Carol Waldow

Bonnie Walker

Dennis Walker

Joseph Walls

Donna Walsh

Donna Walsh

Greg Ward

Wendell Warner

Jmichael Warren

Dave Washam

Michael Watson

Ralph Wayne

Robert Webb

Steve Weinberg

Chuck Weiss

Sherril Welch

Steve Welch

Sue Wells

Judith Wells

Arlene Wendt

Tom Werkema

Dr. And Mrs. Donald West

Jim Whitby

Mark White

Judy White

Kaye Whitman

Marsha Wicklund

Harold Wilcox

Joe Wilkerson

Phil Willard

Clinton Williams

John Williams

Pamela Williams

Rob Williamson

James Williamson

Justin W. Williamson

Lisa Hart Willis

Madelyn Willner

Devyn Wills

Orville Wilmot

John Wilson

Mary Wilson

Sarah Wilson

Mark Wilson

Connie Wilson

Stehanie Wilson

Jim Wilson

Pat Wilson Cpa

Pat Wilson Cpa

Lloyd Wingfield

Steve Wolf

Diana Wollach

Dawn Wood

Thomas Woodall

Morris Woods

Sandra Woods

Cherrell Woolley

Julius Workman

Richard Worthey

George Wray

Malinda Wright

Lynn Wright

Kathleen Yarrito

Bradley Yates

Michele Zaiontz

Dragan Zec

David Zilke

Frank Newton

Trinh Bryan Nguyen

Larry Nichols

John Nicholson

Lissen Niederstadt

Shirley Nixon

Crosby Norbeck

Connie Norfleet

James Norman

Steven Norman

Ann Norris

Jeff Norris

Greg Novini

Velma Nugent

K. Knox Nunnally

Warren Nystrom

Rowen O’Dell

Marisa Oates

Jack Odell

John Barnes Odonkor

Karl Ogdie

Helen Ruth Oglesby

Arch Oldham

Geoffrey Oliver

Nancy Oliver

Rocky Oliver

Raymond V. Osbourn

Fidelis Overo

A. Owen

Roy Owen

Cynthia Pacheco

Roberto Pacheco

Betty Palmer

Jay Palmer

Cindy Pandolfo

Brian Parker

Michael Parker

Raymond Parker

Marlene Parlak

Phill Parmer John Parnell

Brainerd Parrish

Greg Parry

Carol Pate

Loretta Patterson

Neil P. Patterson

Sybil Patterson

Jerry Patton

Debra Pearce

James Pearce

Susan Pecor

Will Peeters

Brenda Pena

Ruben Pena, Sr.

Tueres Pendejote

Roger Pendley

Laurence Pennell

Robert Penner, Sr.

Lucy Pensotes

George Peralta

Jill Perex

Angelo N. Perez, Jr.

William Perkins

Illi Perkins

Mark Perkins

Cheryl Peterson

Dale Peterson

Kenner Peterson

Daniel Phelps

Charles Philipp

Shawn Christopher Phillips

Nick Phillips

Susan Piasecki

Gary Pierce

Paul Pinholt

Marilyn Pittman

Melissa Pittmon

Greg Pitts

Ray Player

Jennifer Pollastro

Sandy Poole

Marty Pope-Neyens

Janie Popple

Gary Porter

Eric Portillo

Michael Potter

Larry Powell

Kenny Powell

Stewart Powers

Kelly Preus

Ralph Pryor

Don Puckett

Joseph Pudlo

Judith Purcell

Sharon Pyle

Russell Pynes, Jr.

James Quinn

Sandor Radacsi

Linda Radwansk

Donald Ragsdale, Sr.

Marcy Raindl

Robert Rainey

Rudy Ramon

Gorur Ranganath

Patricia Rangubphai

Karyn Raschke

Richard L. Ratliff

Fran Ratliff

Judy Ratliff

Linda Rawle

Don Rawls

Tom Ray

Ray Redd

Paul Redmon

Rodney Reese

Tony Renteria

Georgana Repal

Jesse Reynolds

Terry Reynolds

Mary Rhoads

Robert Rice

Lin Richard

Charles Richards

Charles Richardson

Alan Richbourg

Robert Riddle

Linda Riedel

Billie Rieske

Ken Rigsbee

Michael Riley

Santiago L. Rivera

Mark Roberts

Rex Robinson

Gay Robinson

Jerry Rodaway

Louann Rodenbeck

Bruce Rodgers

Gary Don Rodgers

Miguel A. Rodriguez

Albert Rodriguez

Paul Roedersheimer

Jerry Rogers

Joseph Rohr

Gregg Rose

Rosemary Rosenthal

Albert C. Ross

Earl Ross

Liz Rossetti

Mario Rostro

Robert Rouse

Thomas Royal

Jean Royal

Marvin P. Rudd, II

Tom Rugg

Sid Ruiz

Mary Ruiz

James Runzheimer

William Rushing

Michael Rushing

Leonard Russ

Gerald Russell

Thomas Russell

Joseph Ryan

Jose Saenmz

Bruno Sakowicz

Debora Salmon

Linda Sampler

Juan S. Sanchez

Armando Sanchez

Veronica Sanchez

Ruby Sandars

Steve Sanders

Jimmy Sanders

David Sandidge

William Sandusky

Michael Sarasin

RuthAnn Sargent

Edwin Edwub Donald Sathern

Abdul Sattar

Jamali Gary Sawyer

Ted Scardamalia

Clifford L. Schaefer, II

Melissa Scheller

Konrad Schilder

Archie Schmidt

Robert Schnick

Kerin Schooler

Joe Schrantz

Jim Schuster

Tunis Schuurman

Dustin Schwartz

Thomas Scoby

Flora Scott

Candycd Secrest

Todd Sefcik

Maria Segina

Bob Sellman

Reynaldo Sepulveda

Joan Severson

P.D. Shabay

Claire Shahzad

John Sharon

David Sharp

Donnae Sharpe

Russell Shaw

James Sheetz

Rose Shefuo

Tom Shell

Benjamin Shepherd

Joseph Shero

Richard Shimeall

Jerry Shinn

Kent Shirley

James Sievers

Luis Silva

Richard Simms

Rev. Dr. Walter

Pat Sims

Dilmit Singh

Helen Skidmore

Francine A. Skronski

Dave Smith

Thomas S. Smith

Cathy Smith

Thomas Smith

Laura Smith

Richard Smith

Lorie Smith

Brian Smith

Ina Smith

Heidi Smith

Michael Smith

Richard M. Smith

Carl Smith Clyde Smith

Thomas Smith Michael Snell

John Snipes

Dana Snively

Linda Soehner

Kevin Solomon

James Sons

Beverly Sorensen

Edwardo Sotelo

John Speckman

Andrew Speer

Charles Spencer

Robert Sperr

Don Stafford

Chelsey Stafki

Michael Stakes

Lynn Staley

Mark Stallings

Esther Stanley

Phillip Starling

Clyde Starns

A.J. Startz

AV Stavern

Alfred Steddum

Doris Steele

Gene Steely

Russell Steffee

Randan Steinhauser

Catherine Steinhauser

Earl Stemple

Brian Stevens

Mary Stevens

William Stewart

John Stewart

Sue Stewart

Thomas Stockslager

Kevin Stone

Troit Stowe

Mark Stradley

Elwanda Stricklen

George Stringer

David Stroud

Daniel Sudimack

Annie Surrey

Irene Sutton

Sam Swaim

Susan Swain

Donnie Swango

Len Swanson

James Swantner

Shannon Swift

Jon Syme

Kenneth Tallant

Morris Talley

James Taylor

Carol Taylor

Marion Taylor

Larry Teague

Patricia F. Temple

Harry Tenney

Reuben Teran

Paul Terrell

Mary B. TH

Betty Thacker

Shaun Thomas-Arnold

Ken Thomason

Anthony Thompson

Terry Thompson

Patricia Thornton

James Tierney

William Tiffany

Mike Tilotta

James Tipps

David Tompkins

Karen Tongate

Joseph Towey

Marsha Trasp

Dale Travis

Nellie Traynor

Jim Trombla

Penny Troutman

Mark Troutman

Charlie Trudeau

Yvonne Tucker

Raymond Tucker

Robbie Tuel

James Turner

David Turrentine

Bernard Uffelman

Marv Ulbricht

Joseph Uribe

Brad Urry

Joe Valdivia

Jose Valentin

Mark Valliere

Sherian Van Duivendyk

Norm Van Sloun

Winifred VanderBorgh

Gladys Vanderpool

John Vandeven

Ron Vanlaningham

Ismael Varela

Kathleen Varella

William L. Varnador

Juan J. Varona

John Vass

Ames Vaughan

Della Vaughan

Don Vaughn

George Vaughn

Maria Vela

Silas Vermilyea

Satchel Vick

Al Vickers

Walter Viertel

Dennis Volding

Claudia Voorhies

Donald Voorhies

Thomas Vornbrock

Cheryl Voss

Cara Wade

Mary Wagnon

Paul D. Wagstaff

Charles Waldie

Gayle Waldrep

Janyce Walker

Jeffrey Walker

William Wallace

Chris Waller

Douglas Walters

Gary Walters

Debbie Walton

Perrinell Ward

Sue Ward

Nona Ward

Bob Ware

James L. Watkins

Larry Watkins

Glenda Watson

C.E. Watts

Keith Webb

John Webb

William Webb

Betty Weber

Yvonie Weisinger

Debra Welborn

Patty Welch

Donna Welder

Jillian Wells

Mary Wells

Kathy Wells

Frederick Wendt

Glen Wentz

James West

Wesley West

Ronald West

Glenda Westbrook

Gary Westmoreland

Daryl Weyand

Mark Wheelis

Frank Whitaker

Timothy White

Brenda Whiteaker

Shawn Whitlow

Cecile Whitney

Russell Widell

Louan Wigton

Ed Wilkerson

Kristin Wilkinson

Clark Will

Julia Willett

Carl Williams

Sharee Williams

Nancy Williams

Mark Williams

J. Williams

Barbara Williams

Gary Williams, Sr.

Robert Williamson

William Willingham

Toni Wilson

Scot Wilson

Peggy M. Wilson

Dolores Ruthelle Wilson

Lynda Wilson

Rosemary Wilson

Mark Wilson

Lowell Wilson

Robbie Wilson

Art Wiltsie

Charles Dale Windham

Brian Wing

Dianne Winter

Delbert C. Winter

Verlinda Woellhof

Windy Wolcott

Jackie S. Wolf

Victor Wolters

Leland Wood

Jean Wood

Doug Wood

Nettie Beth Wood

Yolanda Woodring

Jack Woodrum

Harold Wootan

C.B. Word

Wilroy Wornat

John Worrell, Sr.

James Wright

Larry Wright

Jack Wybenga

Hon. Dan L. Wyde

Philip Yacovoni

Stacy Yancey

Cleon Yates

Cleon R. Yates

Lily Yen

Bill Yoes

David Yonts

Josh Young

Donald Young

Joyce Young

V. Young

William C. Young

Robert Yzaguirre

Teri Yzaguirre

Nancy Zaky

Albert Zapanta

Qasim Zaur

William Zehr

Lorraine Zensen

Ben Zickefoose

Elo Zinke Al Zweifel

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