Senator Cornyn Posts Strongest Quarter Yet; Raises $3.5 Million in Q2

TEXAS — Texans for Senator John Cornyn raised nearly $3.5 million in the second quarter of 2020, amounting to more than $22.4 million total this cycle. The senator’s campaign will have $14.5 million cash on hand going into the general election.  

Q2 was Team Cornyn’s strongest fundraising period to date, and included more than $2 million from small dollar donors. Ninety-six percent of donations were $200 or less — with an average gift of $69. Senator Cornyn’s reelection bid shows robust grassroots support, having received contributions from each of Texas’ 254 counties.

“The ‘Turn Texas Blue’ crowd wants to permanently change what it means to be a Texan — pushing for expanding government-run healthcare and higher taxes on our energy,” said John Jackson, campaign manager. “Senator Cornyn will continue to fight for the principles that make Texas the economic engine of America, and send national Democrats a strong message about the future of our state.” 

Q2 Details

Raised Q2$3.478 million
Cash-on-hand$14.5 million
Total donors this cycle68,509
% of contributions under $20096%
Average contribution$69.85
Q2 online gift average$41