Talking, but Saying Nothing: MJ & COVID Relief

Election Day is 13 days away and Texas voters still don’t know who MJ Hegar is — let alone her policy plans. The latter is a result of her deliberate evasiveness toward deep dives into policy. Time to hold her to account.

Today we look at: COVID Relief

When MJ does talk about COVID relief, she stays in criticize-only mode. But mostly, she’s silent (strategy: be unaccountable). 

Take literally right now, as MJ Hegar’s top financial supporter — Sen. Chuck Schumer — blocks Congress’ ability to pass a targeted COVID bill… saying relief for millions of struggling Texans can wait until after the election. 

Chuck Schumer is playing politics with public health and our economic recovery, and MJ Hegar’s silence about the man in Washington who hand-picked her candidacy is an act of complicity in his dangerous partisan games. Schumer has dumped more than $12.5 million into MJ’s campaign, and her silence is a preview of their quid pro quo.

The legislation blocked by Sen. Schumer today would appropriate funding for:

  • more unemployment benefits 
  • another round of PPP loans to help businesses continue to weather the economy and employ their staff
  • $100 billion for schools
  • testing and contract tracing
  • vaccine production and distribution

What on this list does MJ want to block from Texans?

MJ refused to say if she supported the Democrat HEROES Act. Does she agree with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s position to hold out on negotiations until they get more of their wish list? 

Does she agree with Chuck Schumer that Texans can wait until after the election to see if Congress can pass a relief package?

13 days to go. Enough talk. Texans deserve answers.