Texans for Senator John Cornyn Releases New Radio Ad

AUSTIN — Texans for Senator John Cornyn today released a new radio ad, highlighting the senator’s bipartisan record on criminal justice and police reform, support for school choice, and push to make Juneteenth a federal holiday. The ad will run on stations in select markets around the state.

Below is a transcript of the ad:

The murder of George Floyd was a brutal tragedy, one our country has witnessed countless times before.

That’s why Senator John Cornyn co-sponsored a police reform bill to end the use of choke holds, address no-knock warrants, make lynching a federal crime and increase the use of body cameras.

John Cornyn fought to create a more fair justice system for non-violent criminals. More families are being reunited.

And because education breaks down barriers to success, Cornyn supports school choice — so parents can send their children to the best schools.

He sponsored legislation to make Juneteenth a federal holiday and worked with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee to establish the Emancipation Trail in Texas.

John Cornyn brings thoughtful leadership for every Texan.

Senator Cornyn worked closely with South Carolina Senator Tim Scott on the JUSTICE ACT, which included impactful measures that would improve police training; boost efforts to make police forces more representative of their communities; make lynching a federal crime; add more body cameras; require full reporting when an officer discharges their weapon or uses excessive force, and when a no-knock warrant is issued; and create commissions to study and offer solutions regarding a wide range of challenges faced by black men and boys.

As Attorney General of Texas, Cornyn served as the state’s chief law enforcement officer. He took his Texas successes — like the Texas Exile program, which increases penalties for criminal gun use by convicted felons; and the Texas Internet Bureau, which targets child predators and human traffickers — to the United States Senate and the Judiciary Committee, where he’s delivered many tools and resources to help law enforcement protect our communities. 

School choice empowers parents to choose the setting that best fits their child’s unique interests, learning style and educational needs. While education is rightfully managed at the local and state level, our entire country has a stake in ensuring we are raising highly educated, analytical, well-rounded citizens. 

Thousands of students and families in Texas are served by charter schools. Designed to be educational laboratories, charter schools have a unique role to play in pushing the envelope and bringing innovative teaching strategies into the classroom. Charter schools are public schools, and should be held to the same level of achievement accountability and fiduciary responsibility as ISDs.

School choice especially benefits low-income families. A child should never be mandated to attend a failing or low-performing school because of their zip code. School choice is a tool to aid in breaking generational cycles of poverty. In the last year, the senator introduced a bipartisan bill called the GEAR UP for Success Act to help low-income and historically underrepresented students achieve college and career readiness, improve high school graduation rates, and raise awareness of postsecondary options among students and families. 

This summer, Senator Cornyn, together with a bipartisan coalition that includes Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, spearheaded the effort to make Juneteenth a federal holiday. The senator will continue to push for it in the future. 

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