Farming and ranching are sewn into the fabric of Texas history and agriculture remains a driver of the Texas economy. One-in-seven jobs in Texas are related to the agriculture industry, keeping our nation fed and safe. 

Senator Cornyn supported passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and strongly supports a repeal of the Death Tax, ensuring family farms continue to thrive and ensure America’s food independence. During his time in office, he’s led several initiatives that: 

  • Reduce overreaching regulatory and tax burdens for Texas farmers and ranchers
  • Secure assistance to mitigate, respond and recover when disasters strike
  • Ensure farmers and ranchers can compete in a global market
  • Increase access to water for rural Texas agriculture

Senator Cornyn has been a leader in fighting to secure water for rural Texans. In particular, he has worked to ensure Mexico meets its obligations as set forth in the 1944 bi-national Water Management Treaty to release one-third of the water from its Rio Grande tributaries and reservoirs to the United States for agricultural and municipal use. And when crises occur, such as severe drought, Texas ag providers know they can count on Senator Cornyn to work to deliver disaster assistance.