Our healthcare system is broken, but Obamacare — with its unattainable costs, job-killing policies and intrusion between a patient and their doctor — isn’t the answer. 

Small business owners should not be faced with firing employees just to comply with Obamacare’s mandates, or otherwise pay hundreds of thousands in fines that could bankrupt their business. Nor should rural Texans who, after paying a 50 percent increase in monthly premiums, still lose their doctors because they don’t accept Obamacare plans. 

Senator Cornyn supports a plan that:

  • Protects those with preexisting conditions
  • Lowers the cost of prescription drugs by increasing generics
  • Increases competition by allowing cross-state health insurance
  • Lowers out of pocket costs for seniors on Medicare
  • Reestablishes the privacy of the doctor patient relationship

The senator has led the charge on bipartisan legislation to reduce prescription drug costs. His bill, called the Affordable Prescriptions for Patients Act, would curb major drug companies’ ability to game the patent system and extend their monopolies, which prevents generics from entering the marketplace. He’s also sponsored the Prescription Drug Price Reporting Act and Medicare Prescription Drug Fraud Prevention Act with the overarching goal of lowering prescription drug prices in order to make healthcare more affordable.