School choice empowers parents to choose the setting that best fits their child’s unique interests, learning style and educational needs. While education is rightfully managed at the local and state level, our entire country has a stake in ensuring we are raising highly educated, analytical, well-rounded citizens. 

Millions of students and families throughout Texas are served by public charter schools. Designed to be educational laboratories, charter schools have a unique role to play in pushing the envelope and bringing innovative teaching strategies into the classroom. Charter schools are public schools, and should be held to the same level of achievement accountability and fiduciary responsibility as ISDs.

Senator Cornyn is a strong proponent of school choice, which benefits low-income families. In the last year, he introduced a bipartisan bill called the “GEAR UP for Success Act” to help low-income and historically underrepresented students achieve college and career readiness, improve high school graduation rates and raise awareness of postsecondary options among students and families. 

A child should never be mandated to attend a failing or low-performing school because of their zip code. School choice is a lynchpin in breaking generational cycles of poverty, and yields positive competition that raises the tide for all schools.