Statement regarding MJ Hegar’s BLOCKBUSTER warning to Texas’ oil & gas industry this morning

This morning, MJ Hegar doubled down on Joe Biden’s debate comments targeting energy from last week (transcript from MJ’s gaggle here).  

It’s outrageous that MJ Hegar would go even further than Joe Biden’s disastrous ‘transition from the oil industry’ comments, warning Texas oil companies ‘they better get onboard’ or they’re ‘gonna be in trouble,’” said Krista Piferrer, press secretary. “MJ compared Texas’ oil & gas industry to Blockbuster, but what she fails to grasp is Blockbuster never provided $1.2 billion to Texas’ K-12 schools and $1.1 billion to our colleges and universities annually.

In an article published yesterday by energy mag, E&E News, several Democrats pushed back against the former vice president’s remarks: Reps. Kendra Horn (D-Okla.), Xochitl Torres Smaall (D-N.M.), Montana governor Steve Bullock… and now, Texas Democrat Rep. Lizzie Fletcher.

But not MJ. She’d rather stand with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and doubled down in support of Biden’s remarks.

For more information about the huge impact of oil & gas revenues funding Texas’ Permanent Schools Fund (K-12) and Permanent University Fund (colleges and universities), click here.