MJ Hegar is Coming to Town, and She has Explaining To Do…

New York Senator Chuck Schumer’s handpicked candidate for Senate – MJ Hegar – is coming to town this weekend… and she has some explaining to do. 

MJ should be out on an Apology Tour, but instead she’s doubling down on her support for Joe Biden’s plans to destroy oil and gas jobs in Texas and Elizabeth Warren’s push for a single payer healthcare system that will render Medicare insolvent,” said Krista Piferrer, Press Secretary. “MJ’s policies are radical, completely out of touch with Texans’ priorities, and will create economic catastrophe for our state if she were to be elected.”


  • After VP Joe Biden last night said he would “transition from the oil industry, the NY Times quotes MJ saying: “Texans are all for the 30 year transition Biden advocates. You should be. too. Fossil fuel is unsustainable long-term.”
  • While MJ doubled-down on her support for eliminating oil & gas, other Democrats stood up for their constituents and rebuffed the Vice President’s comments (Kendra Horn – OK & Xochitl Torres Small).  

MJ’s platform is chock full of radical policies that would hurt Texas communities, businesses and families. Read direct quotes from MJ on the issues noted above – and more – here:

→       Supporting cap-and-trade and a carbon tax

“I stand with the League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club, who support a carbon tax…” – MJ Hegar

       Pushing a government-run single payer health system

“I think a ‘Medicare for All Model’ could be great…” – MJ Hegar

→       Supporting “Campaign Zero,” which would abolish police and legalize prostitution, loitering and trespassing

→       Refusing to answer whether or not she’d vote to pack the U.S. Supreme Court

→       Comparing our border patrol officers to agents committing genocide in China

         Selling Texas’ U.S. Senate seat to the highest bidders in Silicon Valley

         Making #NSFW, profanity-laden one liners a hallmark of her U.S. Senate campaign